Monday, May 3, 2010

Plant Medicine Monday

Happy May! What a lovely/busy weekend with a big May Day party with lots of wonderful friends and a cozy, rainy Sunday at home with my guys. Today is Plant Medicine Monday, and I don't really have a specific tip in mind today, instead, I offer a few thoughts as a reminder to myself (and anyone who may be reading). Plant medicine is more than herbal teas and tinctures, more than salves and syrups, more than all of the things that come to mind when we think "medicine". Plant medicine does so much more than heal our bodies. Plant medicine is also: The tree whose branches we climb to gain a different perspective, and perhaps some grounding. The seeds we sprout in spring to feed us through the summer. Greens in spring, tomatoes in summer, apples in fall and roots in winter. The grains, vegetables, fruits that nourish our bodies every day of our lives. Flowers in a vase on the kitchen table. The peace and wisdom found in the forest...and in the desert. Houseplants lovingly cared for adding life and oxygen to our homes. A dandelion flower tucked behind a child's ear and hundreds of dandelion seeds being blown, with wishes, into the air to land where they will. The wildness of the back-country wilderness and the wildness of the "weeds" on a city block. What are all of the ways plants are medicine to you? We are constantly surrounded by the Green Nation in one way or another...something I am very grateful for.

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