Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm kind of a messy cook. (OK, my mom would say kind of doesn't even begin to describe it.) It took me one day realizing that I didn't own more than one or two shirts without oil stains and holes from rubbing against our concrete counter top to realize that I needed an apron or two. I was just getting back into sewing again, and I thought aprons would be a fun start. Here are four very different aprons that I made. (Sorry all the photos are in a's the easiest way to take them when it's just me at home).
My mom was cleaning out her fabric stash and sent me some great pieces. One was a little piece of vintage fabric that belonged to my dad's mom. This is very special to me because I never met her (she died before I was born). How fun to be able to make something out of fabric that belonged to her! As I was sewing I thought about what she wanted to make with it...hopefully she would be proud of this vintage-inspired, girly, fitted, little apron! I used a Simplicity Pattern.
This next one is another vintage-like, girly, pleated half-apron made from an old curtain. The pattern came from Amy Butler's In Stitches. Love it!
I should have washed this one before the photo, but oh well. This one is a simple little smock-style apron that I found a tutorial for here. I ended up just drawing the pattern out myself on pieces of paper taped together, and then making various adjustments. It is reversible and I use it all the time. (I made this one a few months ago.)
This one is not a kitchen apron at all but a gardening/harvesting/gathering apron. I think it is so clever and I feel like quite the homesteader wearing it. I found the fabulous tutorial here at The Cottage at Frog Creek. It it all about gathering, with pockets for gathering eggs, and a clever way of becoming a pouch for gathering garden produce. It can also be worn long for kneeling on in the garden (my jeans will no doubt thank me).



Blogger Moku said...

Wow - so beautiful!

4/28/2010 04:58:00 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

Thank you Moku and thanks for stopping by!

4/28/2010 09:33:00 PM  

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