Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windy, windy days

Spring time in the valley is known for the wind it brings. Sometimes it seems to go on for days, always howling, blowing shingles off the roof, bringing all sorts of debris into our yard and making everyone a little crazy. This time of year we just want to be outside watching the earth green, enjoying the longer days and warm sun, planning our gardens and taking lots of long walks. And then comes the windy days. This spring I've found these days to be perfect for garden dreaming, baking all kinds of yummy things, sewing projects, starting seeds inside, and doing lots of fun art projects with Mason. Today was a baking day and I love baking with Mason!
We made whole-grain starter dough to ferment overnight and bake tomorrow, oatmeal cookies sweetened with maple syrup and delicious sesame garlic bagels. I find baking with Mason is often a highlight of our day. Sure, I have to let go of some control and perfection (and a clean kitchen), but I find that to be good for me. I love sharing the grounding, earthiness of baking with him.
I love watching him delight in digging his hands in flour, scooping and pouring ingredients, kneading, and of course, stirring, stirring, stirring. He tried something new today - rubbing a little piece of butter around the baking sheets - and man was this a squishy, messy delight! He also takes great joy in peeking in the oven and eating the finished creation. So do I.

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