Friday, November 9, 2007

Fall is almost over

Ok. I actually wrote this in early November, but never posted here is my one fall posting. I promise that it's soon to be followed up with something more current, and new photos!

I know, I know. I'm such a slacker for having let the entire month of October slip by without a single blog update. I especially apologize to my wonderful grandma, Jane, and sister Sara, who are probably the biggest fans of my blog. Well, that being said, I thought it was about time for an update. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I've been busy enjoying it. It's that time for slowing down, for starting the wood stoves and fireplaces, for taking long walks among the fallen leaves, for putting the garden to bed, for curling up with a good book (and in my case, a new kitten), and enjoying life. (This is a picture of our new addition Athena. This is a picture after we found her in our barn. She was very sick and thin, but now she's as healthy as can be.) Here in Alamosa it also means the smell of green chili's roasting, the site of pumpkins everywhere, and the city-sponsored holiday decor going up around town.

My garlic is in the ground (11 different heirloom varieties) just waiting for the first snow to come and blanket it. Well, I guess technically we had our first snow, but it was just a dusting. We haven't noticed a drop in egg production yet, we're still getting almost a dozen a day. I did just recently learn that the drop in egg production in the winter has more to do with the hours of daylight than with the cold, and giving the girls a few more hours of light a day through the use of a light bulb will keep them laying all winter. Here's another piece of information if you're interested...chickens keep themselves so warm by roosting together that many people around here will actually use them to keep greenhouses, pump houses, and other outbuildings warm when the temperature drops well below freezing. If we ever get a greenhouse built I'm definitely trying it. (The trick is keeping them out of the plants...)

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